Not sewing a rope bowl

The memory book for school is finished - all that is left is for me to worry about whether UPS will now try to deliver it to a school on a Saturday now that one of their trailers was delayed.  It's a school: they're not just going to leave it on the porch like they do at our house, right?  Right?

Anyway, it was about time that I climbed back on the proverbial horse and started crafting again.  It's been way too long.  So, when my daughter stepped on the tin that holds her hair stuff (mainly beribboned hair bands from her various football - you know I mean soccer when I say football, don't you? - teams.  I don't get why every team feels the need to have matching hair bows, but maybe I'd be more into it if it wasn't like trying to put a hair bow on a squirming cat.  She asked if she could shave her head the other day...) and it fell apart, it seemed that a new container was in order.

I've seen a few of those sewn rope bowls about the place - even Target sells them - so when I saw some clothesline at the store, it seemed to be a sign.

Then I got home and remembered that I am scared of my sewing machine (yes, still) and that I am a tad worried about putting a rope through it.  

Not to worry, I'll crochet around the rope!  That'll work!  Ah, only thread on hand is variegated.  Hmm.  Ok, a little worried about how it'll turn out, but let's give it a try.

30 minutes later, I'm thinking to myself that it would have been finished by now, if I had used the sewing machine.

1 rugby practice later my fingers are feeling a little raw from the rope and crochet thread.

2 rugby practices later I'm wondering why on earth I didn't just sew the darn thing.

3 rugby practices later I'm thinking that I might be the world's slowest crocheter.  Although, in my defense, a lot of time was wasted each practice trying to find an unlocked bathroom in the high school.  Apparently 'going before we leave' isn't an instruction that gets followed by my offspring...
Ta-da.  A bit of a weird shape, but it has to fit on the end of a crowded shelf.
Next time I'll sew one.  Or pick one up from Target.


  1. It's very modern and artsy with the variegated thread, and I usually think variegated thread looks old fashioned. (I'm happy to be past the days of sitting through practices on cold, windy fields with no bathroom available!)

  2. Wow, I think it goergous. I love the colours, the way the tail tucks in. It's a very sophisticated way to add a shot of colour. I se some rope for sale and didn't buy it, now I am regretting it.

  3. Its lovely :o) you must have so much patience, looking forward to seeing the sewing machine one.....

    1. Aw, thank you. You might have to wait 'til I get up the courage, though: I'm worried about sewing through my fingers...

  4. Looks wonderful! Though I've sewn through clothesline and can vouch for the fact that it is fast, easy and doesn't hurt the machine (though it does blunt the needle!)