I need to get around to planting some herbs in those pots

It's as though there's a RSS reader conspiracy.  They messed with Bloglines, then deleted Google Reader.  I wasn't too convinced by Feedly, then someone mentioned that The Old Reader was similar to Google Reader. Barely moments later The Old Reader are talking about going private only, so now I've found InoReader - but now The Old Reader might be continued in some way...  We'll see.
I don't know how many of the blogs that I've followed over the years have survived the numerous switches.  I've noticed that quite a few seem to have died out lately anyway.  Any recommendations for replacements?
Meanwhile, there's not been much to blog about here, either: I've had lots of visitors, but not much time for crafting.  A half-finished baby blanket and this wood bead trivet is about all I have to show for this summer, so far.  
So easy to make.  Depending on how well the trivet holds up, I'm thinking that this might be something for the kids to make as small gifts for some of the adults in their lives.  

Time to eat.  Hopefully I'll be back soon - or at least catching up on my blog reading.  Take care,