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Ok, so I was a little tempted to consider my challenge completed: 5 masks = 5 projects.  I decided that that would be being a little too easy on myself, though, so these masks for my son's class play only count as project #1 of 5...

...even if all that hand sewing did take bloomin' ages...   
That one's for a Daisy fairy
that one an Iris fairy
for a Lilac fairy
a Gardenia fairy
and the grumpy & thorny fairy (apparently my daughter felt like getting into character, when modelling these for me...)

I think it helps to have a tight deadline.  Project #2: some small capes for the same play.  

I might regret this 5 masks counting as only one project.  Don't be surprised if by the end of the 5 weeks I'm drawing stick figures and calling them 'art projects'...

This probably won't surprise you, now that you've seen the masks, but I'm not very good at identifying flowers.  I hope that Google Images didn't lie to me...

5 / 5

I know, I know, it's been months.  I could lie and say that I've been off contemplating the role of blogging in my life or that I gave up technology in a bid to find my true basic self.  The reality is that I lost my mojo.  I'm not sure where I mislaid it.  I just know that I started 2013 knitting an ugly scarf and some finger-less mittens, then suddenly the weather warmed up and I just didn't feel the urge to make anything any more.

The ideas were still there, but the will was lacking.  I found myself picking up a crossword puzzle book instead of a needle and thread.  I wasn't reading any blogs, I hardly pinned a thing.
Then last week my friend's 39 year old husband suddenly died.  Fit, slim, healthy and one of the nicest blokes that you could ever meet.  Not just pleasant, but one of those genuinely nice people that make you feel at ease straight away.  One of those that you could not imagine ever having an unkind word to say about anyone.  His children are just 3 and 5 years old.    
I was upset.  I was also angry.  The nicest people that I know seem to always be the ones that get the bad breaks in life.  Oh, I was angry.
I also realised that I missed having a project at hand to work on.  Something to slow the hands and then the mind.  Something to reset my rhythm and calm the soul.
So, I have a plan to find my mojo: 5 projects in 5 weeks.  That's it.  Small or big.  Could even just be a doodle.  Most likely will end up involving some stuff for my son's class' play (I thought that I had been doing well at keeping a low profile at school, but somehow someone has noticed that I can draw and told the teacher.  Now painting sets has been mentioned and I'm scared - I haven't mixed paint since senior school...).  So, 5 projects, 5 weeks.  Join in if you'd like.

Translation of the Day:
UK English: bloke = guy in US English
UK English: jolly = very or extremely in US English

As in, he really was a jolly nice bloke.

PS.  Do they have to take away Google Reader??  I lost half of the blogs that I followed when switching from Bloglines, or whatever it was called.  Has anyone got any recommendations for a feed reader?  Also, drop me a comment if I used to pop in and say hello sometimes on your blog - it was probably one of those that got lost in the last shuffle...