Maybe it's time to invest in an American cookbook

Summer is flying by this year. I turned another year older. My husband forgot. The weather has been mild. The bill for having my car's AC fixed has been paid. Most of my summer to-do list remains undone. I'm wondering why I had held the illusion that things would get done on the house when my offspring are running around the place. My parents are visiting soon. The list of things that need to be done before they arrive should probably be started on soon. Please do not mention back to school lists...
As for sewing, 3 pairs of capris have been shortened into shorts (I'm too short to get away with capris) and my kids finally have aprons. No, I have no justification for putting off such an easy project for so long, especially as I already had the pattern that I had put together for my nieces' aprons, um, a couple of years ago.
Reversible to this:
with soft twill straps:
They were judged by my offspring to be worth cleaning their rooms for. Their rooms aren't tidy any more.
We made chocolate biscuit gateau when the oven wasn't working
and chocolate chip cookies and bran parkin cookies when we finally had the oven fixed.
Now I just need to add 'find out why my biscuits are not turning out the way they used to' to my to-do list. They taste ok, but they don't flatten like they used to and have a different texture. Grrr, I find baking over here so frustrating. I'm about ready to hang up my apron for good...
Translation of the day:
UK English: biscuit = cookie in US English
Just a reminder, in case you thought that I was putting American style biscuits in chocolate.